Thursday, April 27, 2017

Field Trip Reflection

    My favorite part of the trip to Nauvoo was the living history center. It was my favorite because We got to make rope and see how they made bread in the 1840's. It was also cool to taste the bread too and I liked it.  What I learned about how they lived in the 1840's is how they made their bricks for houses and other things. It turns out they would take the clay, sand, and water and mix it. Then they would shape them into bricks, dry them by turning them over, then put them into a giant oven like thing where they would get all the water out of them and also cook. I thought that was interesting. What I learned about the Mormon's moving west is that they were badly persecuted and treat badly. Sometimes even killed. I didn't know much about that before the trip. If I had to choose one thing to research about it would be what the temple is like. I thought the temple had looked interesting but I wonder what they do their and how and I just overall thought it was cool that they even had temples.


  1. I like the Family Living Center too. It's hands-on, and it gets everyone involved. I also like how the volunteers are so kind and friendly, and they're really good at explaining things and showing how they work.

  2. I thought that you had good information. I also am wondering what they do at the temple, like if they go there every Sunday like churches in town. What do you think?

    1. I think it might be a monthly thing, maybe I should ask Andrew!

  3. I liked the Family Living Center too, I liked learning about how they made stuff, but what I liked even more was the delicious bread they made.