Friday, March 17, 2017

Lit. Circle Moral Dilemma's

    A moral dilemma is a situation where your morals are conflicting and you don't know what you should do. I think there were multiple moral dilemma's in my book. Some of them are whether Connor should kill the orphans who are not chosen. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD) Another is whether Prince Jaron should tell that he is the real prince early or wait until he goes to the court to prove it. The characters involved were Connor and Jaron. The Connor dilemma was solved by when Jaron said that he wanted them to come with him to the castle. The Jaron dilemma was solved when he decided to wait until the court to show he was Jaron. If I was Jaron I would have probable done the same thing so that Connor wouldn't figure out that I was the real prince and put me in the dungeon or something like that.


  1. I think you were very on point with the moral dilemma. Do you think that there are any moral dilemma's the involve Tobias or Roden?

  2. I think you explained the moral dilemma really well.