Friday, January 12, 2018

My One Word

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I chose the word improve because I feel like I need to improve with a lot of different things and because I feel like everyone can improve too. It isn't hard to do always and just improving makes you feel better about yourself.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Project and Reflection

My project is about Net Neutrality. I chose Net Neutrality because I think its something that more people should learn about. I also think that it is really important now because Net Neutrality is a right that people are trying to take away. I learned that ISP's can control what information we get and what we don't.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Reflection

For my first class, we had to protect a pringle from being crushed or shaken up, with only a few pieces of paper, and some tape. It wasn't very challenging but it was fun, even if we didn't get to eat the pringles afterward. We did learn about some of the engineering majors at Iowa State. For our second class, we learned how most cheeses are made using rennet, and extra flavoring. We also got to make some cheese curds with different ingredients! And taste some different cheeses. I think the most educational part of the day was the tour around campus. We learned different things about Iowa State and got to see their VRAC (Virtual Reality Application Center). The most fun part of the day was definitely the VRAC. We saw a virtual Aircraft Carrier simulation and outer space in 3-D. It was really fun. If I could give advice on how to improve the experience, I would do two things. First the lunch was to short and it didn't feel all you can eat if you didn't have enough time to eat. Second, I would say we should learn more than just the instructors telling us to build what ever and letting us go free. My biggest take away was seeing how big the campus was, the other colleges I went to were more compact since they were in cities instead of having more space. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

   DWA 10/20/17     "What story that is both a book and movie do you know? Which version is better in your opinion?" Harry Potter is my favorite book an movie. I think the book version is better for multiple reasons. First off there's more to the story in the books; the books are also longer and have more detail. Also Ginny is way cooler in the books because she stole her brothers broomsticks, just to practice Quidditch and then becomes a professional at it. I also just thinks its way more fun to imagine how everything looks than to see the actors on a screen. I just overall think the books are better.

   DWA 9/6/2017    "Do you think that imagination is more important than knowledge?" I do not agree that imagination is more important than knowledge. You can imagine things all you like but but you have to know things to survive. You can imagine a perfect place with everything how you want it to be. How is imagining going to help you change the world? You don't know how to make it like that without knowledge. My point is there isn't much you can do with imagination if you don't have the resources like money, or power. Knowledge on the other hand you can do more with less.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Words of Wisdom

My words of wisdom project. I learned a lot when I did this project. I learned not to procrastinate, and that you should get you work done on time. I also learned lessons like, just do it and don't form bad opinions

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Field Trip Reflection

    My favorite part of the trip to Nauvoo was the living history center. It was my favorite because We got to make rope and see how they made bread in the 1840's. It was also cool to taste the bread too and I liked it.  What I learned about how they lived in the 1840's is how they made their bricks for houses and other things. It turns out they would take the clay, sand, and water and mix it. Then they would shape them into bricks, dry them by turning them over, then put them into a giant oven like thing where they would get all the water out of them and also cook. I thought that was interesting. What I learned about the Mormon's moving west is that they were badly persecuted and treat badly. Sometimes even killed. I didn't know much about that before the trip. If I had to choose one thing to research about it would be what the temple is like. I thought the temple had looked interesting but I wonder what they do their and how and I just overall thought it was cool that they even had temples.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Lit. Circle Moral Dilemma's

    A moral dilemma is a situation where your morals are conflicting and you don't know what you should do. I think there were multiple moral dilemma's in my book. Some of them are whether Connor should kill the orphans who are not chosen. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD) Another is whether Prince Jaron should tell that he is the real prince early or wait until he goes to the court to prove it. The characters involved were Connor and Jaron. The Connor dilemma was solved by when Jaron said that he wanted them to come with him to the castle. The Jaron dilemma was solved when he decided to wait until the court to show he was Jaron. If I was Jaron I would have probable done the same thing so that Connor wouldn't figure out that I was the real prince and put me in the dungeon or something like that.