Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My Hannibal Reflection

       This is my reflection of a field trip that we had on May 8th, 2018. The field-trip was about Mark Twain (or Samuel L. Clemens) and his writings. We had started at the Boyhood Home and Museum center, than went to Tom Blankenship's house, who was the inspiration for Huckleberry Finn. Then we went to where Mark Twain actually lived himself, and got to see how he lived. After that we went across the street to see Becky Thatchers house. And I believe the last stop was the actual museum which had a lot of fun and interesting things to see, like a riverboat wheel and whistle.
         I think the Mark Twain Class Work we did helped us with our trip to Hannibal, because instead of learning and seeing what Hannibal was like, which could have been hard to take in everything, we already had some background knowledge and we could just see it instead of being bored because we had to learn a lot. We still had to learn some stuff that we didn't know though, but it wasn't to much.
       Some of the things I learned from the captain of the riverboat is that Mark Twain got his name from something they use in riverboat terms, that was a depth. Mark Twain meant two fathoms, or twelve feet deep. Another thing I learned is that they used to transport grain in big barges.
       From the museum I learned that Mark Twain had an older brother whom Mark Twain had learned from. I also learned that Tim, the slave that the twain family had owned, used to sing a lot, and Mark Twain had asked his aunt to make Tim stop singing, and it had made Aunt Polly cry because she said it meant he wasn't remembering where his mom was and what happened, and it was best to let him sing. That struck a chord with me.
       I learned a lot at the Mark Twain caves from our tour guide too. I had found out that in the caves, there was a 15 foot drop at the bottom that Tom had felt for in the story, when he was trying to get out of the caves with Becky. I also learned that the person who Mark Twain based Injun Joe after didn't like it and he went to talk to Tom Sawyer and Tom had said that he made him the bad guy because he the ugliest person he had ever seen. The guy then said he was going to get Mark Twain back for that and Twain said that the only way he could get Mark Twain back was to outlive him. So he did, even though he was 20 years older than Mark Twain.

       I think my favorite part about the trip was the cave, because there was so much stuff to look at and I think I learned a lot more than at the museum. I think the most fun part about the trip was the bus though, because it was good to just talk and play games, and eat food and just hang around.

       If I could improve anything about the trip, it would be to take the bus up to the lighthouse, because it was a lot of walking, and Bradley could have been with us.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

National History Day Reflection

      The project I did with Alison was about the Berlin Wall. It was talking about the compromise that the wall was as well as the conflicts that were produced because of the wall. We chose to do a website because it seemed like the easiest to do, and we had a lot of experience so that had helped us a lot.
       I agree with what the judges said about our project, because it was good. I also agree with the bad ratings that we got, because I fell like I could have put a little bit more time into it and that would have greatly increased our grades.
       I think the most interesting thing I learned about my topic was the reason for the Checkpoint Charlie topic. I had always thought it was an incident about wanting to take down the Berlin Wall, but now I know it was a dispute about one of the border officers on the east side checking the papers of an American diplomat, which makes less sense. I don't think they needed to make a big situation out of the fact that they didn't want to have their papers checked, it's not that important.
       I think the hardest part about this project, was trying to finish it in the timeframe we had. I am a very slow worker and I just can't get things done if I don't have a lot of time. It isn't always that i am distracted, and it isn't really procrastination, I just work slowly sometimes. So that was a problem I had to deal with.
       I think I improved as a student. National History Day really helped when it came to learning how to work better with others (even thought there were a few arguments), and it really helped when it came to learning how to design something. If I were to start a business, I think designing the website would be a lot easier because I would have some experience, now that I worked on this project.
       I think there are a lot of ways I could improve this project. First off, I wish we had more primary sources, but I feel as if we weren't at 100% during our research segment of this project. I also wish we could have found more pictures, because we only had about 2 pictures in the whole thing, and that wasn't enough in my opinion. I also wish I could have fixed the indentation of our website.
       I think I am most proud of the fact that we got it done in time. That's about it really.

Friday, January 12, 2018

My One Word

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I chose the word improve because I feel like I need to improve with a lot of different things and because I feel like everyone can improve too. It isn't hard to do always and just improving makes you feel better about yourself.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Project and Reflection

My project is about Net Neutrality. I chose Net Neutrality because I think its something that more people should learn about. I also think that it is really important now because Net Neutrality is a right that people are trying to take away. I learned that ISP's can control what information we get and what we don't.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Reflection

For my first class, we had to protect a pringle from being crushed or shaken up, with only a few pieces of paper, and some tape. It wasn't very challenging but it was fun, even if we didn't get to eat the pringles afterward. We did learn about some of the engineering majors at Iowa State. For our second class, we learned how most cheeses are made using rennet, and extra flavoring. We also got to make some cheese curds with different ingredients! And taste some different cheeses. I think the most educational part of the day was the tour around campus. We learned different things about Iowa State and got to see their VRAC (Virtual Reality Application Center). The most fun part of the day was definitely the VRAC. We saw a virtual Aircraft Carrier simulation and outer space in 3-D. It was really fun. If I could give advice on how to improve the experience, I would do two things. First the lunch was to short and it didn't feel all you can eat if you didn't have enough time to eat. Second, I would say we should learn more than just the instructors telling us to build what ever and letting us go free. My biggest take away was seeing how big the campus was, the other colleges I went to were more compact since they were in cities instead of having more space. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

   DWA 10/20/17     "What story that is both a book and movie do you know? Which version is better in your opinion?" Harry Potter is my favorite book an movie. I think the book version is better for multiple reasons. First off there's more to the story in the books; the books are also longer and have more detail. Also Ginny is way cooler in the books because she stole her brothers broomsticks, just to practice Quidditch and then becomes a professional at it. I also just thinks its way more fun to imagine how everything looks than to see the actors on a screen. I just overall think the books are better.

   DWA 9/6/2017    "Do you think that imagination is more important than knowledge?" I do not agree that imagination is more important than knowledge. You can imagine things all you like but but you have to know things to survive. You can imagine a perfect place with everything how you want it to be. How is imagining going to help you change the world? You don't know how to make it like that without knowledge. My point is there isn't much you can do with imagination if you don't have the resources like money, or power. Knowledge on the other hand you can do more with less.